Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So bored with Liverpool.

I for one am entirely sick of hearing about how wonderful everything regarding Liverpool football club is. yes they are a great institution, yes they have one of the great European histories but please can everyone just bore off with all this 'the neutrals are behind them' blah blah ad nausea.

The hyperbole surrounding a team that is simply challenging for the title - something several teams do every year - is just ridiculous. I understand they haven't won it for 24 years - because they have been crap - but they don't have any divine right do to so.

I would fully expect Liverpool fans to be delirious right now - as would I be - and I am pleased for my many mates who are Liverpool fans. What I do think is nonsense however is that the press expects the rest of us to all buy into it.

Maybe it's the vacuum that Sir Alex Ferguson left in that there is no God like United team of mythical status for the papers to worship at their altar.

Hey presto, along comes along Liverpool who are from 'old money' and the 'establishment' so let's pin our colours unashamedly to their mast now. It always helps if you play in red.

The ESPN coverage in Singapore was a farce at the weekend. We had two minutes prior to kick off (for about the third time this year) of 'let's just listen to the Kop sing You'll never walk alone', 'it's so spine tingling, amazing, is there anything like it in football?'

Well I'm sure Borussia Dortmund and Celtic fans for a start would tell you there is and for the rest of us (including City fans) who have paid for objective coverage, can we have our money back please?

This is not aimed at Liverpool or their fans at all but at the media simply wanting to find the next thing to suck up to so brazenly and to hell with being objective.

It might be worse here in Asia because there is such a huge skew to United and Liverpool but looking at the British press, it doesn't seem much better there, what happened to balanced coverage?

I actually thought Liverpool winning the title was a nice story at one point, now team allegiances aside, I would honestly want anyone to win it but them - No Nonsense.