Monday, April 14, 2014

Dear Fernando Torres

Dear Fernando,
This is such a painful letter to write for a Chelsea fan, we had so many hopes and dreams together that have ultimately been shattered.

Who is to blame I'm not entirely sure, you didn't force Chelsea to spend 50M and 200K a week on you and nor did you ask for the drop in performance, confidence and goals that has plagued you since your heyday on Merseyside.

Where it all went wrong I don't really know. Maybe the malaise had already set in before you arrived at Chelsea, maybe those first two seasons at Liverpool were the anomaly and we have simply had the real you.

Chelsea it must be said also have something of a track record for taking strikers and turning them into shells of their former beings. Others just weren't very good in the first place.

In 1992 we spent a whopping 2.1M on a certain Robert Fleck who went on to score a grand total of 3 goals in 40 league appearances over 3 years.

Fleck was replaced as Chelsea's record signing by no less than Paul Furlong who chipped in with 13 goals in 65 league appearances over 2 seasons and is widely considered to be the player responsible for the coining of the phrase regarding banjo players not being able to strike a cow's posterior.

The situation at Chelsea evolved during the 90s and Pierluigi Casaraghi arrived in 1998 for a princely 5.4M. He scored one competitive goal for the club before succumbing to a sad and career ending injury.

Now having their appetite whetted for more luxury goods, Chelsea turned to Chris Sutton for the tidy sum of 10M. London appeared to discombobulate the former Norwich and Blackburn man as he returned a grand total of 1 league goal in 28 appearances.

Adrian Mutu's near 16M move to Chelsea was much trumpeted. Unfortunately it soon became apparent that Mutu preferred a different type of 'bugling' and 6 league goals in 27 appearances before his sacking represented another considerable gaffe.

Hernan Crespo's time at Chelsea was actually a relative success and had it not been for his inability to settle in London he may have been a fine Chelsea player. Regardless, 16.8M for a return of 20 league goals in 49 appearances before leaving on a free transfer has to be considered a poor return.

This of course leads us sadly to Andriy Shevchenko.

Widely considered to be the pet signing of Roman Abramovich, the Ukrainain arrived in London in 2006 for over 30M. The Ukranian returned 9 league goals in 48 matches. Not what had been hoped for.

Shevenko was eventually loaned back to AC Milan before finally returning to Dimano Kiev, again with Chelsea recouping nothing on their considerable investment.

Fernando, there have been some great moments of course, your goal in the Nou Camp will always shine brightly and you of course scored in the Europa League final.

I was even present at Stamford Bridge when you scored a hattrick for Chelsea against QPR.

Fernando, I don't know what is to become of you. Maybe you'll be a makeweight in a deal to take Diego Costa to Chelsea with you returning to your home at Atletico this Summer.

Maybe you'll even score a hatrick against Atletico in the Champions League this month. Unfortunately Jose would have to let you on the pitch first for that to happen and he seems to prefer Demba Ba right now.

The Chelsea fans in the main still love you and somewhere somehow we all hope the defibrillators will eventually work, but alas I feel it is now too late.

We all however do still feel sorry for you rather than feel angry with you, maybe it's every time you get a new haircut, you end up looking like a bit of a girl, I'm not sure.

I'm sorry it had to end this way, financially you've done wonderfully from us but no one wants to see their career end in just such a sad and forlorn way.

All the best with whatever is still to come for you and I still definitely think you're better than Robert Fleck and maybe even Paul Furlong.

All the best to El Nino.