Monday, October 31, 2011

Terry's Chocolate Ordeal

John Terry's career has in general been an excellent one captaining Chelsea through the most successful period in the their history as well as leading his country. He does however have a highly effective self destruct button which he is prone to pushing on occasion. This week has been a prime example.

Whether the truth about what was or wasn't said at Loftus Road will ever come out and whether the FA has the nerve to go after the England captain in a situation that is both a social and moral hand grenade remains to be seen. What we do know however is that Terry ultimately ended up on his backside on Saturday and in doing so condemned all his teammates to the same fate.

For Chelsea it was another dreadful capitulation as AVB attempts to instill a vastly different philosophy to the more pragmatic coaches that have gone before him. They are clearly a team in transition with an old guard slowly being eased out and new players that do not yet have the required level of consistency.

Ferguson has been the master of managing these transitions but the same cannot be expected at the Bridge as the revolving door policy on managers has rendered any kind of continuity impossible. Chelsea are not going to win anything this year and one must hope that in bringing in such a young manager they fully intend to give him the time that is required.

In order to combat what is going to come in particular from Manchester City in the coming years, substantial funds will also be required as Chelsea's squad no longer compares to the very best.

With regard to their vanquishers, no one should be fooled that Arsenal are better placed than earlier this season. They are horrendously open and short of quality at the back and they cannot expect to regularly concede three goals against the top sides and still win. They are overly (Robin) reliant on Van Persie also who is in the form of his life but remains highly injury prone.

The league is as most have already suggested going to be a straight fight between the Manchester clubs. ManYoo have found Goodison an awkward venue in the past but a solid win was exactly what they required. City continue their steamroller and have only dropped two points all season, impressive stuff.

Whilst Arsenal have re-ignited their quest for fourth place, Spurs again picked up three points and appear to have some good momentum as well as potent attacking verve. Liverpool also won much to the chagrin of Roy Hodgson no doubt.

At the bottom, it appears there is truth to the phrase that 'it is grim up North' as three Lancashire clubs occupy the bottom three places. Wigan and Bolton it must be said look doomed and the only thing any of those three can look pleased about is that Wolves appear to be equally as bad - No Nonsense.