Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Secret Truth at Stamford Bridge

Andre Villas Boas' arrival at Chelsea was much heralded as a coup and certainly in terms of Chelsea's recent hiring and firing patterns, a very forward thinking appointment. It was possibly a little bit risky but a bold statement of intent for long term planning rather than the anticipated hiring of Guus Hiddink who would have been the safe option.

AVB had it all seemingly, a short but fantastic CV, youthful zest and dashing good looks, where could it possibly go wrong? But then the rumours started and whilst no one was willing to utter that dreadful word (especially after nightfall), whispers were emerging that a (less than) dark secret was emerging.

As the beard has become fuller and the wave of blind optimism has passed, it has become very apparent that something was not as it should be. The late afternoon Winter sunshine in West London on Sunday confirmed what previously no one would dare mention, AVB is a ginger.

What this will mean for Chelsea and their young manager in the long run, no one can really tell but everyone at this blog wishes AVB nothing but the best in his personal battle against this terrible affliction - No Nonsense.