Monday, April 18, 2011

Same Old Arsenal, Same Old Rio Ferdinand

Some things never change do they? Arsenal can't hold onto a lead - no matter how late they obtain it - and Rio Ferdinand can't stop talking rubbish on Twitter.

Lets start in reverse order with Ferdinand banging on about Balotelli being disrespectful towards the ManYoo fans at the end of the game. This is the same Ferdinand who no doubt revelled in Gary Neville's celebrations at Old Trafford in front of the Liverpool fans in 2006 after a last minute winner by said Ferdinand, pots and black kettles? Whether it's critiscising referees or other players, the red half of Manchester really does take the biscuit for double standards. In fairness to Ferdinand, it's only since he got a twitter account that he's been so effective at such communique as Twitter invariably allows short combinations of letters and numbers to make up words which then make sentences, until then he'd found getting his point of view across much more arduous.

With regard to Arsenal, no one should really be surprised, time and time again they have failed to put sides away when they should have. Watching their standard of play last night, it is clear that they are a million miles away from the Barcelona team they so aspire to be. With regard to Cesc Fabregas, it may be that we have found yet another flat track bully who is seen as 'world class' simply because of his background and because Arsene Wenger says so. His effectiveness in the big games seems to be very limited and like the rest of his team, is a long way from the benchmark that he covets in the shape of Iniesta and Xavi, it is no wonder Barcelona have baulked at the large transfer fee involved and that he cannot get a starting berth for Spain - No Nonsense