Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PFA Player of the Year

Firstly it should be pointed out that with the voting done so early in the season it makes the whole thing a bit idiotic but that's the powers that be for you. Surely in the computerized age the vote could be staged at the end of the season, after all we can stage a general election in 24 hours.

Nevertheless we come to the candidates in question. Bale and Nasri should be discounted as much of Bale's popularity has been based on one night in the San Siro, fine player that he undoubtedly is. He hasn't done a great deal particularly in the Premiership and has been injured a fair amount also. Nasri has gone off the boil hugely since earlier in the piece and it is a season long vote after all.

Both Parker and Adam have had fine seasons for their respective clubs but the simple reality is neither would be good enough to hold down a place for the top 6 clubs and on that basis, neither are qualified to win the award as they are simply not the best player in their position in the country. That possibly sounds a little harsh but it's the simple truth and it is not to say they haven't performed admirably at their particular level.

That leaves us with Tevez and Vidic. Tevez has been prolific despite his assorted problems and Vidic has proved over the seasons to be as worthy a leader of the ManYoo backline as Jaap Stam was. On balance we'd go for Tevez although to be honest it's a pretty uninspiring bunch this year which is symptomatic of the quality in the league right now. A fit Van Der Vaart could have cruised to victory - No Nonsense