Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Sky Sports Two

No one can condone what the 'Sky Sports Two' have done but please, some perspective. They have not said nor done anything that I would conservatively estimate that 99 percent of the population have not done on a regular basis. Whilst that does not make it right, does it mean that the entire population should be sacked? Personally, if I worked for Sky Sports I would be fired a minimum of three times a day. How would the vast majority of the population fare at work were there microphones around them on a constant basis? Surely 'off air' should be just that.

It is clear that working in the spotlight in any shape or form puts you in a concentrated environment and the tough territory goes with the big bucks, it does however sound like there is possibly an agenda against Andy Gray in particular in view of his lawsuit against the NOTW. Where it does stick in the throat is when you have the likes of Rio Ferdinand 'tweeting' about their behaviour. If anyone knows different then please take me to task but I can only imagine how he discusses members of the opposite sex whilst in the VIP section of whichever nightclub he is in whilst dining out on being Manchester United royalty. A true gent at all times I'm quite sure.

What they did is wrong and they deserved sanction but the level of sanctimonious bile emanating from much of the population over what is - like it or not - everyday behaviour is hypocritical at best. Regardless of the stories (none of which were ever previously disclosed conveniently) regarding the intense dislike of them within the Sky Broadcasting group, I will personally miss the two of them & hope they find new employment sooner rather than later. This posting will no doubt cause further uproar amongst the 'socially conscious' and I would stress them to take the utmost care in their glasshouses. They should also probably cancel their Sky Sports subscriptions for fear the dishes are doing undue damage to the environment. No Nonsense.