Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wayne Rooney

One thing is certain, Wayne Rooney wants out of Old Trafford. Whether it is his role in the team, money or simply that Coleen has just got sick of the weather and the shops, United's former talisman wants to leave.

The problem with Wayne wanting to leave is that whilst The Rooneys enjoys a high profile, love the socialite aspect of their life such as centre court at Wimbledon, and whilst Rooney is far more talented than David Beckham, due to his more troglodyte appearance he doesn't sell as many shirts as Sir David did.

Beckham effectively self financed his move to Real Madrid through shirt sales. AC Milan made a profit on his time there it is reported as did PSG. The problem put quite simply is they are NOT the Beckhams. Therefore there are far less clubs that would want him even if they could afford him. A huge circus without the money and now questionable on field performances to go with the smoking and public urinating.

Now it is unfair to write a man off purely because of his likeness to many of the baddies in The Lord Of The Rings but there is also a suspicion that we have seen the best of him, whether due to his off field lifestyle (Beckham didn't drink either perfect chap that he is) or just a general waning of his powers as with Andrey Shevchenko and Fernando Torres - are any Chelsea fans getting concerned yet?

For Chelsea, his most likely suitor this is another very high risk transfer but also one that makes a lot of sense. Rooney is the type of talented bulldozer of a player that Mourinho so loves, no nonsense, direct and pure fighting spirit. He is also hugely versatile, another trait that Mourinho craves.

If Sir Alex Ferguson WAS ManYoo off the pitch, Rooney for many years was his incarnation on it after the departure of Roy Keane. It could potentially be very destabilising for them, even if it doesn't actually happen.

However for United, it also makes a lot of sense. If Moyes' assertion - although his comments did seem a little ambiguous - that Rooney is in the main going to be a squad player, then a transfer fee of around 25M and a further saving of another 25M in wages plus whatever other bonuses  makes a lot of sense.

Renegotiating his contract would also certainly be troublesome, he will want more, they will want to pay what they see as a fading star less. Losing him for nothing in two years would become a very real prospect. ManYoo have more income than pretty much anyone but FFP is a reality and the Glazers are businessmen.

The risk for Chelsea is having twice been bitten by Shevchenko and Torres that they buy a third Christmas turkey. One suspects however that Mourinho is entirely behind this move this time and that should give the fans encouragement at least. The problem is can Rooney get back to his best? If he can he is capable of adding to any team.

Arsenal have added themselves to the mix but one really questions their true intention at season ticket sales time. Spurs for years 'very nearly' bought everyone only to be 'out bid' at the last minute. Higuain was a 'done deal', the Suarez bid seems fanciful and can anyone really believe Wenger will pay Rooney 250K per week on top of the transfer fee?

The transfer window is starting to heat up now and for the top teams, a nervous eye will be cast at the Etihad where Manuel Pellegrini has seamlessly slotted in so far and has quietly conducted what initially looks some excellent transfer business. ManYoo are in danger of going backwards - although Cesc Fabregas would be an amazing if unlikely capture - and Chelsea know they still need to strengthen.

An odd part of the story and hopefully for Chelsea fans a fictional one is the mooted prospect of Luiz or Mata - two of Chelsea's best players last year - to be used as a part exchange for the older Rooney. This writer feels neither is an inferior player to Wayne Rooney.

Chelsea fans must hope that this is tit for tat disruption coming from Old Trafford. If Rooney is valued at 25M is anyone seriously suggesting Mata or Luiz worth only 15M, especially given Chelsea turned down circa 25M last Summer from Barcelona for Luiz.

Rooney seems unwilling to hand in a transfer request given his need to waive bonuses and add ons. This of course flies in the face of his wanting to move for 'footballing reasons'. Paul Stretford his agent makes nothing if ManYoo do not offer a new contract or Rooney doesn't move, he may be simply trying to force one of the two and doesn't care which.

For Mourinho or even Wenger, prizing Wayne Rooney from their biggest rivals would be an incredible coup and the fans would no doubt revel in the mischief of that alone. One would hope however for either club that the ones left laughing the hardest are not ManYoo, and all the way to the bank................  No Nonsense