Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Next Manchester United Manager

It as yet unconfirmed but expected that one dour, sour faced Glaswegian will be replaced with another at ManYoo - step forward Davie Moyes.

United, more than any other club since Liverpool in their heyday have come to understand the value of continuity (Chelsea take note). There are far bigger and more glamorous names for sure such as the darling of the press Jose Mourinho, but none is as logical or as good a fit as Moyes is.

The story of how close Ferguson was to being sacked during 89/90 has been trotted out countless times but the lesson is there for all to see. Since then, Ferguson, Gill and co have turned the Old Trafford side into a machine both in terms of returning trophies and revenues. There is little need for ManYoo to risk rocking the boat.

That it would seem would be the reason that Mourinho was discounted. There is no doubting his coaching and tactical ability which is probably greater than Ferguson's even but it is the whole package that remains the issue.

Chelsea are still dealing with the fall out from his reign - and in typical Chelsea fashion appear to be ready to re-engage his services - and Internazionale have fallen into disarray since his departure. Now Real Madrid are dealing with a hugely public and inelegant falling out and his certain departure from the club.

The writer of this blog would add that he unashamedly idolises Mourinho but part of that is entirely irrational in the same way his hope that Mourinho goes back to Chelsea is mainly irrational. Clubs gain from him in the short term for sure but in the long term there can be huge damage as Jose is after all, all about Jose and not the club.

It is interesting that his personality was big enough to engulf Chelsea and Inter but after initially doing so at Real, he has since found that an institute like Madrid is too big, even for him. ManYoo have surely taken note of the constant disruptions and decided that is not for them.

Moyes' character is much the same as Ferguson's. Hard working, straight forward and no nonsense. There is however a huge intelligence lurking behind the 'Glaswegian kiss' stare and both possess the capacity for astounding man management both upwards and downwards.

Everton are a wonderful club with a history to match but the realities of the current Premiership is that they are in no position to challenge for anything than the occasional top four.

Everton posses many players that other clubs covet such as Leighton Baines and Phil Jagielka and yet it is rare if ever to hear an Everton player agitating for a move. Everton fans will no doubt be feeling a little nervous this coming Summer.

There can be little question that Moyes has done anything other than a fantastic job at Everton and has done so in an uncompromising manner whilst maintaining great relationships with his chairman, players, the fans and even opposing managers, that is no mean feat.

In fact one of the few fractious relationships he appears to have had is with Wayne Rooney which may provide an interesting sub plot if the stories of Rooney's unhappiness at ManYoo prove to be founded.

The key for United will be to make sure Moyes is given time if he has a rocky start or even first season - that is not to say he will of course - as with Gill not around and the Glazers hardly students of football it is not quite the same Manchester United that Ferguson joined or enjoyed. Ferguson's place on the board should ensure however that he is given that time.

Moyes is as sound a manager at Premiership level as can be found and whilst he may take a little time to find his feet against the Barcelonas and Bayerns of the world, one should remember that Ferguson's own Champions League record was far from impervious, especially in the early years.

Davie Moyes has been a fantastic servant to Everton and whilst managing such a prestigious club such as the Goodison one cannot be seen as an apprenticeship to anything, there is no doubt that he now deserves a crack at one of the biggest jobs of all - No Nonsense.