Friday, March 15, 2013

Midweek Football Only From Now On?

Modern day footballers get a pretty rough press, they are oft castigated for their hedonistic lifestyles of fast cars, faster women, lavish parties and general living of the high life. That coupled with the adulation they receive for doing a job most of us would want to do for free means they are an easy target for stick.

There is however a new and exciting growing movement within football, that of religion no less. Kaka was the first to raise both hands and look slowly skywards regularly after scoring goals and whilst the likes of Michu and Gareth Bale eschew such a spiritual low key celebration, many modern footballers are now looking humbly to the heavens after scoring. Fernando Torres was an example last night although in his case there is probably a genuine case for belief in divine intervention given that he hit the back of the onion bag.

Given that the world is a multi racial and multi faith place these days, nearly all religions have their Sabbath or simply holy day on either a Friday, a Saturday or a Sunday. We really should treasure our modern professional footballers and it may well be that to avoid any offence to this growing band we should consider midweek football only. Any rugby fans amongst us would remember the sight of Michael Jones sitting out a 1991 World Cup fixture as it was being played on a Sunday. There is little to suggest that the depth of faith amongst most footballers is any different.

Let's try to understand better the beliefs of the modern day footballer and sacrifice our weekend fix if need be. Here's to them.