Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rangers now able to buy SFA.

The saga at Ibrox is now well known to all and is almost old hat. The latest SFA action against Whyte is an irrelevance given his removal from any say in matters although pursuit of payment of the fine by the SFA might provide some light entertainment in the coming months. That being said the latest sanctions against the club are highly newsworthy as they actually hit Rangers where it hurts.

Given the current state of football in Scotland, points penalties against Rangers would matter little other than handing the title to Celtic who have a few to catch up on in any event. Relegating Rangers would be a two edged sword for the SFA as the lack of Rangers' presence would remove interest and ultimately revenue for all.

It is probably hard to judge the legality of a transfer ban on the Ibrox club but whilst Rangers fans, the Rangers Trust and no doubt all staff and board members will see it as an outrage, the reality is that Rangers deserve meaningful sanction for what is effectively twenty odd years of gross mismanagement.

Rangers fans will blame the SFA but the reality is that they should be looking at the people running the club for whom to direct the blame at. Scottish football is an entire mess and the SFA (belatedly) has to start taking serious action that will have an effect.

For Rangers, the ban is an unmitigated disaster. Regardless of their current predicament, any potential buyer has been scared off by the lack of any ability by the auditors to give any clarity or comfort on a variety of issues ranging from the legitamicy and liabilities of the Ticketus deal to the oustanding tax case.

This is now compounded by the fact that it will be impossible to make any investment for a further twelve months meaning that Rangers are an even less attractive proposition if that is even remotely possible.

Rangers fans will feel this is the thin end of the wedge and may result in the final liquidation of the club. Whilst the SFA have done little to cover themselves in glory over the whole matter, the predicament of the club is not the fault of the SFA. Ten points means little to Rangers and it is time that clubs were held to account - No Nonsense.

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