Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Next Manchester United Manager

You heard it here first, it will be Paul Scholes.

It may sound a little strange at first that a person that has shirked the limelight so obviously throughout his entire career would want the most high profile job in English football and that ManYoo would contemplate hiring a manager with zero managerial experience but there are several reasons to contemplate such an outcome.

On his retirement from the game yesterday after 676 games appearances Scholes has been immediately moved into the coaching staff. His 19 years in the game have all come under the tutelage of Ferguson with a smattering of influence from various England managers.

There are very few managers who would not feel overly intimidated by stepping into Ferguson's shoes. The one obvious exception being Jose Mourinho who has very publicly thrown his hat in the ring, it is however unclear whether his level of abrasion (admittedly similar to Ferguson) and style of play are entirely what ManYoo would want. He is also a short term hired gun and if anyone will value continuity then it is the Old Trafford hierarchy.

The irony in the matter comes from Pep Guardiola who provides the strongest argument for selecting Scholes whilst possibly providing the biggest competition for the job. Guardiola has proved that a player, born and bred by a club and with no managerial experience can blossom from the very start due to his understanding of the club at every level. Scholes would provide that very same thing at ManYoo. Guardiola however could be the perfect option for the job given the success of his Barcelona team, their irresistible football and his stated desire to leave the vipers nest that is dealing with the boardroom and club presidents in Catalonia. Guardiola would not have to undergo the same personal pressure at Old Trafford as he would simply not feel it so keenly regardless that the expectations are the same, his personal attachment to Old Trafford would be much less than it is at Camp Nou.

Should Ferguson step down in a couple of years as he surely must then Scholes would have had over twenty years learning from his mentor and would enjoy the luxury of not suffering any remote comparisons to the Scot as would befall any hand picked current manager.

It may well superficially be a far fetched theory and much would depend on Scholes wanting to step out into what would be a goldfish bowl for him but this blog will be having a nifty on it at the bookies - No Nonsense.