Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Are Liverpool the new Newcastle?

Not in terms of how much they have won nor in terms of them being in danger of being relegated but these recent calls for the return of 'King Kenny' are certainly akin to the Return of the Messiah nonsense attached to Kevin Keegan at the Toon.

Dalglish inherited a phenomenal side at Liverpool and whilst he did enjoy some success yes, the team ultimately was going into decline before Souness showed up to truly wreck the side. Dalglish in my view is revered (and rightly so) in Liverpool mainly for his fabulous play on the pitch and the incredibly dignified and personal way that he dealt with the Hillsborough tragedy, for both those things he should be remembered as a great. I can however also remember the near meltdown at the end of his reign.

Sure he won the league at Blackburn and it was a great achievement but he had a huge chequebook and a certain Alan Shearer in his pomp. Newcastle was less of a success and since he left the game it has changed beyond all recognition. Players nowadays are akin to movie stars (or at least they think so), since Dalglish left, man management and tactics have changed enormously and the pressures have got nothing but greater - and he struggled with that pressure before. Does Dalglish really have the encyclopedic knowledge of the modern game, of the players, of the other managers to succeed - and to do so quickly - as the Liverpool fans are demanding? I think not.

On a lighter note, I notice new owner John W Henry said "I've met with a number of our players and had private discussions with some of them. I've been greatly impressed by them personally. They are all exceptionally bright and they all want to be here." Doesn't sound like he spoke to Glenn Johnson then..........